Improve Your Sexual Life Using Fildena 200

Improve Your Sexual Life Using Fildena 200

Fildena 200 MG is an erectile dysfunction tablet that helps men maintain an erection. It works by stimulating blood flow to the person’s part. Fildena 200 MG is classified as a PDE5 Inhibitor. Fortune Health Care manufactures Fildena a hundred MG.

What is Fildena 200?

Fildena 200 tablets are prescribed to men to treat erectile dysfunction. This ED medication is also used to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension. Fildena reviews pills relax the tissues found in blood vessel walls, increasing blood flow to the male organ and assisting men in achieving a firm erection, which is the normal response to sexual stimulation.

How Fildena 200 work?

Fildena 200, which contains Sildenafil Citrate as its main ingredient, can aid in relaxing blood vessels for smooth blood pumping into male genital erectile tissues by inhibiting PDE-5 enzymes. This enzyme reduces blood supply in the penile tissues of the male reproductive organ. Following c-GMP induction, nitric oxide inactivates the enzyme and increases blood flow to the male reproductive organ, increasing erection function.

How to take Fildena 200?

Take Fildena 200 medication 45 to 60 minutes before the case. Don’t take it again within a day if you’ve already had it. It has a potency that lasts 4 to 5 hours. Consuming alcohol prior to carrying it can result in a temporary impairment in obtaining an erection. Until taking it, stop eating something high in fat.

Sildenafil citrate is classified as a PDE-5 inhibitor. It prevents cGMP degradation by inhibiting the activity of PDE-5 enzymes. Sensual stimulation causes the release of NO (nitric oxide), which aids in the formation of cGMP. A surplus of cGMP accumulates in the corpus cavernosum from the male genital, causing blood vessels in the male genital region to relax and dilate.

This increases blood flow in the male genital region, resulting in a stiff erection.

fildena 200 mg sildenafil citrate


The highest dose of Fildena is 200mg, but the minimum dose of Fildena recommended by doctors is 25mg. In most cases, physicians advise patients to take Fildena 50mg or Fildena 100mg. An experienced doctor can adjust the dosage of Fildena based on the patient’s tolerance. Read Fildena 200 Side Effects.


Fildena overdose is one of the causes of side effects. In the event of a medication overdose, it is unavoidable to seek medical attention in order to avoid the occurrence of side effects.

Side Effects

  • Priapism
  • Headache
  • Too much tearing of the eye
  • Burning
  • prickling in your feet and arms
  • Painful urination
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Ringing or buzzing sounds in your ears
  • Numbness


  • You would undoubtedly want to know if there are any steps you can take before taking Fildena. Before taking Fildena, keep the following in mind:
  • Fildena is not recommended if you have liver disease, high blood pressure, kidney disease, or some form of heart disease.
  • If you intend to take Fildena, avoid drinking alcohol because it can cause the medication to take a long time to function.
  • Do not engage in any task that requires your full attention, such as driving, because it induces drowsiness.

Please contact your doctor before taking Fildena 200.

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