Natural ways to get rid of Erectile Dysfunction

7 Natural ways to get rid of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or Impotence in Male is a condition in which Sex drive remains decreased, and It is very seen explicitly in the Men. Men with the problem of Erectile Dysfunction are unable to achieve desired penile Erection thereby fails to Satisfy his Female partner during intercourse. This problem leads to Male Infertility or Decreased Libido in Male. More than millions of men are suffering from ED worldwide. According to experts, there are so many natural remedies available for ED that are equally effective and Economical. Natural ways to cure ED are still acceptable methods because of its safety profile and None Side effects.

1. Healthy Food :

Proper food containing essential nutrition is the easiest way to treat ED. You should follow a well-balanced diet chart to get rid of ED, as Proper nutrition is key to get the desired results in the treatment of lower sex drive. Many vegetables and fruits are rich in Mineral, vitamin, and trace elements. Some common examples are Green vegetables, whole grains. Seafood, carrot, Red meat, Berries, Almonds, and Nuts, etc. These are very efficient in improving sex drive.

2. Yoga and Exercise

Yoga and Exercise play a vital role in Treating ED, and it doesn’t have any side effects. Besides all, Yoga has the power to improve physical and mental fitness while Regular Exercise increases the blood circulation in the body. It plays a crucial role to boost Sex drive with other health benefits. Everyone should spare a minimum of 30 minutes a day to enhance your sexual health.

3. L-citrulline or Arginine

These are essential Amino acids found in many food supplements. It works as a Vasodilator by relaxing blood vessels. It is highly effective in the treatment of ED, and simultaneously, it improves heart health also. Arginine is responsible for Increased blood circulation in the penile region. Intake of L- citrulline on a regular basis, increase the level of arginine in the body that treats Male Infertility.

4. Vitamin and Mineral supplements :

Vitamins are Vital amines needed in the body that can be helpful in treating Erectile dysfunction. Some essential vitamins like Folic Acid, Msildamax-100ethylcobalamine (Vitamin-B12), and other B-complex increases Nitric oxide level, which is responsible for Better sex drive by improved circulation. Supplements rich in Vitamin-D3(Cholecalciferol), Vitamin B3 (Niacin) and Folic acid are the Natural ways to elevate Sex Performance. Some Trace Elements and minerals and Minerals are involved in well being of Sexual Health.

5. Weight Management- Be Slim Be Trim:

According to the survey, Reduction in obesity can lead to an improvement in sexual desire for females. Patients with the problem of Erectile dysfunction can enhance their sexual performance after weight reduction. Achieving Ideal BMI is also a Confidence booster for the individual that ultimately leads to good mental health required for intimacy with a partner.

6. Acupuncture therapy

According to a recent survey, more than 40 per cent of American women facing sexual problems like sexual dysfunction, decreased sexual desire, low arousal, Fail to achieve orgasm, unnecessary thinking, painful intercourse. Females generally feel embarrassed to express their sexual desires and often avoids problems in the bedroom. Studies prove that acupuncture can be an effective treatment in Erectile dysfunction and helps in improving low libido. Acupuncture therapy initiates healing effects by pressing specific points to present all over the body, including sexual response and other blood circulatory regions. Acupuncture is a more than 3,000-year-old therapy of traditional Chinese medicine which circulates throughout the body from top to bottom. This unknown energy flows in the body unobstructed when we feel healthy, but it gets distracted during any illness or disease condition like Erectile dysfunction or low Sexual desire, etc. Acupuncture therapy normalizes this condition and improves all over health.

7. Adopt Healthy lifestyle/ Avoid Sedentary lifestyle

Your way of leaving is the key to Your all over health. A healthy lifestyle is a dream nowadays but considering health is wealth one should spare enough time for Physical activity like playing outdoor games, follow Healthy diet and Drink lots of water, Proper sleep of 8 hours, Quit Smoking, Avoid Drinking Alcohol, these all activities work as a stress reliever and improves Sexual Health of individual. A sedentary lifestyle performs a significant role in developing Male Infertility due to Erectile dysfunction.

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