You Must Know This Workout Period Rule – Climbing Stairs !!!!

You Must Know This Workout Period Rule – Climbing Stairs !!!!

Inactivity is as risky as smoking!

Exercise should be a pair of our routine lifestyle, but how many of us are actually following the exercise rule? Insufficiency of any exercise can lead to many health problems.
Overeating with insufficient exercise can weaken the body muscles, create arthritic joints and increase your risk of buildup all kinds of heart diseases.
Spending time in the gym to sweat out the health problem doesn’t necessarily achieve positive results, but any kind of exercise is good- running, walking, gardening or also climbing the stairs. Every exercise type gives multiple health benefits.
Climbing the stairs is one of the most basic and easily available exercise routines possible for busy people. According to research, climbing stairs is thought-out to be one of the best ways to burn calories and enhance your heart. It is straight linked with overcome risk of heart diseases.
It is said that a fat person can lose up to twelve pounds by climbing two flights of stairs a daily for a year. Just strenuous activities like playing football and sprinting seem to burn up greater energy per minute than climbing stairs.
Regular stair climbing is also a helpful augmentative exercise in an energetic cardiovascular workout. It is a very effective workout that burns fat speedy and stimulates the body metabolism process.
Climbing stairs is an incredible process to lose weight, it increases the fitness, tones up the body and builds up the muscles of the entire body, especially our legs, tummy, and buttocks. Climbing stairs function as a beneficial workout routine if you don’t have time to join the gym and you want to burn the calories.

Research Corner

Researchers in England and Northern Ireland requested that 12 idle women to climb a 200-step staircase, progressing from once a day to six times a day. (They were allowed to take the elevator down.) Each climb took about 2 minutes, so by the result of the study, the women were exercising only 12 minutes a day.
In under 2 months, they saw a boost in their fitness level, ahead with growth in their cholesterol level that was sufficient to cut their risk of cardiovascular disease by 33%. “This is among the best proof that short bouts of exercise can have huge health benefits,” says study author Colin Boreham, Ph.D., of the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland.
In the second study of almost 13,500 men, those who climbed up and down at least 700 steps a week, or 100 steps a day (half that of the first study), overcome their risk of death by nearly 20 percent.
This reduction is comparable to what you’d achieve by walking about 2 miles a day, which takes most people 35 to 40 minutes. From a calorie-burning perspective, you’d have to walk briskly for 30 minutes to burn the same number of calories that you would climbing stairs for 15 minutes. Stair Climbing is energetic exercise. The gluten higher intensity seems to be a key factor in these benefits, explains Dr.Boreham.

Yes! It works – Advantages of Climbing Stairs

By taking the stairs wherever you go, the body’s largest muscle group is compelled to frequently lift the body weight up and this practice is far more superior to exercising on flat surfaces just to burn more calories.
Also, climbing stairs helps raise the heart rate promptly, boost the cardio benefits. It also connects every major muscle in the lower body as many as 120+ times/minute: Hamstrings, quadriceps and calves and gives fit and sculpted muscles. For a low effect workout, you can climb only a few stairs a day that will absolutely produce a good result.

Achieve the desired weight loss Just one Step Up

The key for weight loss is simple burn a larger number of calories than you take in. As a weight-bearing exercise that improves to build strong bones, climbing stairs also contributes to overcoming osteoporosis. Climbing the stairs use gravity and the heavier we are, the tough we’re forced to work and the more calories we burn. It is a very efficient way of burning maximum calories and is great for those of us with limited time to exercise.

Burn the calories in a few minutes

The number of calories burned by climbing stairs base on how long it takes, the passion for the activity and your weight. There are stair climbing machines that are also available in the market which provide hopeful results.

Don’t be boring! Try something new!

It is important to take the exercise to next level when the body adjusts to one particular style. Especially with the stairs, one can try different styles from Monday to Saturday.
  • Stair Walk
  • Stair Jog
  • Stair Sprints
  • Stair Lunges
  • Hop Ups
  • Two-foot hops
  • Crossover Lunges
  • Single leg stair hops
  • Single leg side stair hops
  • Stair Intervals
Different styles can be practiced in different frequencies. Out of the above, there are 5 Best Exercises to Lose Belly Fat:
  • Lunge Stair Climbing
  • Cross Lunge Stair Climbing
  • Wide Lunge Stair Climbing
  • Side Lunge Stair Climbing
  • Jump Stair Climbing

Precautions to be taken while exercising

  • Always warm up and cool down before and after an exercise session. (Especially the lower person calves, hamstrings, thighs, and buttock).
  • Use the rest to help pull you up the hills
  • Watch the form and posture – Lean forward when you are climbing the stairs to overcome stress on your lower back.
  • Control the activity – When climbing, do not lock your knees or you may harm yourself.
  • Take sufficient rest breaks between every exercise.
  • Dress comfortably and wear proper exercise footwear.
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