The connection between Diabetes and erectile dysfunction

The connection between Diabetes and erectile dysfunction

When a couple’s sex life starts to suffer because the male partner is experiencing ED (erectile dysfunction), it’s not something that should be forgotten about. Erectile dysfunction is not just a sexual issue, however often a symptom of a more complex medical condition. Diabetes is one of the more common afflictions that influence a man’s erectile function, yet numerous men are uninformed; they even have the condition until they start experiencing symptoms such as issues with erections.

Diabetes makes a twofold attack on the capacity to start better erections. It causes harm to both the penile and perineal nerves which are a charge of conveying the sensory impulses to the brain (which starts the whole sexual reaction). It additionally harms the little veins which are responsible for the blood circulation to the cavernous spaces of the penis, hence preventing an erection.

So, a man who has healthy sexual want and who has normal testosterone levels may still suffer erectile dysfunction because of limited blood circulation to the penis due to diabetes. Consider some of these stunning statistics from the National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse:

  • Some 15% to close to 80% of men with diabetes will involve at least some degree of ED during their lifetime.
  • According to some exploration considers, erectile dysfunction might be an early marker of diabetes, particularly in men ages 40 or younger.
  • Men with diabetes may experience issues with erectile dysfunction 10 to 12 years sooner than men without diabetes.

Men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction should see their specialist for a comprehensive medical exam to discover the leading cause of the erectile problem. In many cases, underlying medical conditions, for example, diabetes, as well as high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease, for example, are analyzed. It’s essential to get treatment for such medical conditions and at a similar time, be treated for your ED.

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There are various treatment alternatives for erectile dysfunction, from oral medications and vacuum devices to infusions and penile inserts. Your specialist will work with you to discover the best alternative dependent on your medical history.

Erectile dysfunction isn’t just another part of aging and should not be taken lightly. When diseases, for example, diabetes are the reason for your ED, medical treatment and checking are precisely what the doctor ordered.

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