Six Surprising Facts about Erectile Dysfunction

Six Surprising Facts about Erectile Dysfunction

If you have erectile dysfunction, because of shame or because you’re not in a relationship, you might hesitate to see a doctor. ED may be a symptom of a more severe underlying health problem, however, and should be checked out to help protect your well being.

Urologist Dr. Mark J. Kelly in Santa Monica, California, treats several men with ED and is able to discover some underlying erectile dysfunction causes.

You don’t have to be ashamed after all, there is erectile dysfunction in more than 30 percent of men aged 40-70. You are not alone on that.

What is ED ?

Erectile dysfunction is the umbrella word which means you can not get an erection or hold it. Although many people assume that ED is all in your mind, there are also many different causes of ED, some physical, some psychological, and some induced by both.

If you have ED the best thing to do is to have a doctor check yourself out. A urologist like Dr. Kelly is the correct choice, since he can diagnose several problems and tell you whether your ED is located in your reproductive organs, or whether there is cause for concern about your general health.

Treating ED

There are six important things to know about ED treatment.

Check for heart disease

If you have ED but not a cause diagnosis, if you have ap underlying heart condition you might be putting your life at risk by going straight for oral ED medicine. Verify that you see Dr. Kelly have the correct diagnosis to avoid heart failure.

Diabetes checking

Many men suffering from erectile dysfunction may have diagnosed diabetes or prediabetes that may lead to their disease. Managing the levels of blood sugar will help avoid damage to the blood vessels that bring blood to your penis.

Check your medicine

A lot of drugs, especially antidepressants, can cause temporary ED. That is not to suggest you should quit taking your medicine.

Accept that treatment can take time

Sometimes there is no fast and simple cure and the solution isn’t always a “little blue pill.” Being patient with yourself and the process of recovery will ease the pressure to perform and allow you to work with your ED to find a solution.

Talk to your partner

If you have a sexual partner, talking about your ED freely and frankly will help you get rid of the embarrassment or guilt you may feel. When you figure out the medical side of things, you will find new ways to enjoy fun in bed.

Go to counseling

If psychological or emotional problems affect your ED, speak with your doctor about going to a psychologist. A psychologist will show you how to lower your external connation NIH anxiety or sex-related tension. Your therapist may recommend you bring your partner to advice sessions to learn how to help you. A doctor should concentrate on treating the physical causes of ED while you try to alleviate the anxiety or stress.

A health care provider can prescribe an oral medicine or medicine you take by mouth, to help you get an erection and maintain an erection.

Cenforce is work by relaxing smooth muscles during sexual stimulation and increasing blood flow inside the penis. If you use nitrates to treat heart disease, you should not use any of those drugs to treat ED.

The nitrates expand the blood vessels and relax. The combination can lead to a sudden drop in blood pressure, which can cause you to fall or become unstable or dizzy. Nowadays you can easily cenforce 200 online from an online web store.

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