Know Whether Your ED Is Physical or Psychological

Know Whether Your ED Is Physical or Psychological

What is an erection self-test ?

An erection self-test is a strategy a man can do by himself to decide whether the reason for his erectile dysfunction (ED) is physical or psychological.

Why is an erection self-test performed ?

The test is done to affirm that you experience erections around evening time. Men who have an ordinary physiological erectile function experience an erection during typical rest.Physical, enthusiastic, or mental issues can prompt ED.

This test decides whether your ED is caused by physical issues.

How to prepare for an erection self-test ?

You’ll have to purchase four to six postage stamps. The division of the stamps doesn’t make a difference, however, they ought to have dry glue on the back.

Stamps are the most advantageous choice, however, there are different options. If you don’t have stamps, you can utilize a strip of the paper.

The strip of paper ought to be 1 inch wide and long enough to go around the penis with a little cover. The paper can be verified with a 1-inch bit of tape.

Avoid alcohol or any chemical sleep aids for two evenings before the test. These can anticipate erections. You ought to likewise stay away from caffeine to ensure you have a good night’s sleep.

How an erection self-test is performed ?


Change into briefs or boxer brief clothing before you go to bed. Take enough stamps to circle the shaft of your penis.

Pull your limp penis through the fly in your clothing. Moisten one of the stamps on the roll and fold the stamps over your penis. Overlap the stamps in the roll to guarantee they’ll remain safely set up. It ought to be snug enough so the stamps break separated in the event that you have an erection. Place your penis back inside your shorts and head to sleep.

For best outcomes, rest on your back so the stamps aren’t exasperated by your movement. Or use Malegra also to deal with this problem.

Do these three evenings in a row.


Verify whether the move of stamps is broken when you get up toward the morning. You could have had an erection in your sleep if the stamps are broken. This could demonstrate that your penis physically works appropriately.


There are no risks associated with an erection self-test.

After an erection self-test

Not breaking the move of stamps in your sleep could be a sign that your ED is brought about by a physical issue.

This test just demonstrates whether you’re fit for having an erection. It won’t clear for what reason you’re having problems getting or keeping up an erection.

Inability to have an erection during sex might be psychological in nature, for example, having depression. Make a meeting with your doctor in case you’re having issues getting or keeping up an erection.

Your physician can screen you for depression or other mental issue and prescribe you to a psychological health professional for treatment.

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