Habits That Could Be Causing Your Erectile Dysfunction

Habits That Could Be Causing Your Erectile Dysfunction

Your penis is a part of your body, and just like any other part of your body, the way you look after it affects your ability or inability to perform as you wish.

If you encounter any amount of ED, you may not be looking after your penis properly!

Habits that affect your erection

Often a balanced lifestyle is not at the forefront of our priority lists the bulk of our time and focus is consumed by jobs, family, and errands, leaving our well being even lower down the agenda. There’s rarely any need to make a change before we get a walk-up call and those “bad habits” rollover to our bedroom results.

The Cenforce 120 is the best and powerful medicine to cure ED fast. Here are several ways in which you can “clean up your act” and eliminate several aspects of ED.

Stress reduction

Tension in men over 40, is one of the leading causes of ED. As we age we usually develop and grow within our position as workers, resulting in highly competitive and challenging jobs. This hectic schedule, and the mental stress that comes with it, will make separating work and home life difficult.

This chronic stress, anxiety, and mental exhaustion can cause trouble in the bedroom and can result in different levels of ED. Trying to “turn off” or isolate working hours from “me time.” Making additional attempts to relieve stress such as yoga, meditation or exercise will help to alleviate stress and enhance sexual efficiency.

Poor / Inadequate Sleep

Studies show that having less than 5 hours of a night’s sleep will significantly reduce the testosterone levels, causing libido and sexual performance difficulties. Increased stress and anxiety, weight gain, moodiness, and reduced mental capacity often result from lack of sleep.


Did you know that you might be taking medicines that cause ED as a side effect? Antidepressants, blood pressure medicines, and even some common hair growth products over the counter, may all lead to ED. Statins or drugs that reduce cholesterol can also have a negative impact on testosterone levels since cholesterol is a precursor to testosterone. Check your medicine cabinet to ensure you don’t damage your mojo with the drugs you use to “help.”

Oral health

Rotting teeth and poor breath in more ways than one will influence your sex life! The latest studies have shown that most men with gum disease have ED, as well. Chronic inflammation in the body leads to damage to the blood vessels causing reduced blood flow to different areas of the body. If your dentist has detected daily cleanings early enough, and a good regimen of dental hygiene will help reverse some of the inflammation.

Alcohol consumption

While one or two drinks can help set the mood and lower inhibitions, too much alcohol may affect your performance capacity and efficiency. Long-term consumption of alcohol leads to reduced testosterone and increased cases of ED, whether under the sober influence or stone cold.


Nicotine is a vasodepresentative of any type, if you take a drag or drop in a pouch you place a chemical in your body telling your blood vessels to get smaller – causing reduced blood flow and penis shrinking. This can cause harm over the long term, which is of great concern as erections are achieved which sustained by blood flow.

Lack of sleep

We all know how bad sleep deprivation is for our physical and mental health, but are you aware that your erection problems are actually contributing to those late nights and not enough sleep?

If you’ve found that you have fewer erections than you normally do, or you’re not as erect as you typically are, these may be symptoms of erectile dysfunction, and your sleep quality may be the cause.

There’s a correlation between the levels of sleep and testosterone, not enough sleep contributes to low hormone levels that affect libido and sexual function. Sleep deficiency is causing a major drop in testosterone levels and men need enough testosterone to get and sustain erections.

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