Connection between sleep apnea and erectile dysfunction

Connection between sleep apnea and erectile dysfunction

People with sleep apnea have a greater risk of developing erectile dysfunction than those without the disorder. That may be due to changes in the levels of testosterone.

Obstructive sleep apnea, which is the most common type of the condition, occurs when the night-time airways create a blockage that disrupts sleep. That can be the product of a lot of factors. Obstructive sleep apnea is typically treatable according to its origin.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is when a person is having trouble getting an erection or sustaining it for long enough to have sexual intercourse. ED may become a sleep apnea symptom.

This article explores the relationship between sleep apnea and ED, and how to handle both conditions.

What is the Connection ?

Research shows that about half of sleep apnea sufferers still experience ED. It is more common in older adults and those with an increased body mass.

Other research indicates the number may be even higher. One survey of 401 participants, for example, showed that 92 percent had sleep apnea, and 69 percent of those people also had ED.

The relation between the two can be linked to testosterone levels. People with sleep apnea appear to have lower testosterone levels which is an important hormone for sexual activity.


There are several potential reasons for both sleep apnea and ed.

Sleep apnea triggers

Obstructive sleep apnea happens when the throat muscles are incapable of holding the airways open during sleep. Central sleep apnea is where, during sleep, the brain does not correctly regulate breathing.

Most cases of sleep apnea cause airways that become too small. This can be attributed to a variety of factors including:

  • having an overbite
  • having a large neck
  • having family members with sleep apnea
  • smoking
  • having obesity
  • having large tonsils
  • Alcohol-drinking
  • sleeping on the back
  • For a short jaw or deep chin
  • having large tonsils

Which causes erectile dysfunction ?

Being unable to get or sustain an erection may be the result of stress, exhaustion, or excessive alcohol consumption. If this occurs frequently, however, a physical or emotional trigger may occur.

The cause is normally related to problems with penile blood flow, nerve supply, or hormones. This may be because of physical causes, such as:

  • heart disease
  • diabetes
  • high blood pressure
  • obesity
  • substance use, such as smoking
  • hormonal disorders, such as thyroid conditions
  • Take medicine, for example, antidepressants

Even sometimes emotional issues can trigger ED. This may be linked to feelings of guilt or a state of mental health, including depression.


Both sleep apnea and ED have a range of treatment options.

Sleep Apnea Treatment

Sleep apnea treatment typically includes opening up the airwaves so a person can breathe more freely at night.Medications that can help improve blood flow through the penis, such as Cenforce 200 The proper treatment may rely on the underlying condition which may require improvements in lifestyle, such as weight loss or decreased smoking and drinking.

In certain cases, doctors can suggest that you sleep with such instruments, such as a mouthpiece. Such devices make for more normal nighttime breathing. Even physical therapy can be good for the mouth and ears.

If sleep apnea is serious and other therapies are not successful, then surgery is another choice. That may be shifting the mouth, changing the airways, or removing tonsils.

Treating apnea from sleep can also help with the ED of an individual. Having enough sleep will bring back natural testosterone levels and minimize ED.

Erectile Dysfunction Therapy

It is also possible to treat ED directly apart from the care of the underlying disorder. Any natural therapies and cures may also be of benefit. One can take cenforce 100 it is good and effective medicine to treat ED.

The type of treatment would more often than not depend on the underlying cause.

For example, if elevated blood pressure causes ED, a doctor can prescribe medicines to reduce blood pressure, such as statins. Changes in the diet, such as weight loss, can also help.

If the cause is linked to taking some drugs, a doctor may recommend an alternative medicine that is not causing ED. If emotional, counseling, or therapy is the cause, can help.

Whether to see a Physician

It is common to have a poor night’s sleep, or trouble having an erection from time to time. But when these occur frequently, it may be a symptom of a disease underlying it.

If sleep apnea symptoms cause problems during the day or make the night unpleasant, see a doctor for advice. Sleep apnea may also be treated, and a doctor may provide recommendations on the most appropriate treatment options.

If there are frequent problems having or maintaining an erection, it is also necessary to talk to a doctor or health care professional to understand the origin of the problem.

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