Connection between High Blood Pressure and Erectile Dysfunction

Connection between High Blood Pressure and Erectile Dysfunction

Here is an important study that has been published in Urology Journal. According to it, 68 percent of men with high blood pressure had some form of erectile dysfunction (ED) while 45 percent had severe problems.

In fact, one of the reasons the older men encounter ED is that after a certain age they start taking blood pressure medicines. While there are many medications that can harm your libido, the blood pressure pills have been voted as the worst culprits.

Given that one out of every eight Indians is suffering from blood pressure (as per a survey conducted by the Union Health Ministry), ED can be considered a major Indian issue. Is there some way out of that issue?

It is important to understand what ED is and why it is related to high blood pressure, to know that.

Why is Erectile Dysfunction Occurring ?

The leading cause of erectile dysfunction is blood vessel failure to supply adequate blood to the penis.

The male organ’s tissues need enough blood to expand from its comfortable, flaccid state to a rigid one ready to engage in sexual intercourse.

This can happen at times, but the vessels don’t support the supply, so the penis loses its erection before you’re done with intercourse.

Check out the signs here

  • Issue when your penis gets erect
  • May not maintain the erection
  • A consistently poor libido

If such symptoms become a daily occurrence, kamagra 100 one needs to seek treatment. Unfortunately, many men suffering from ED problems don’t seek treatment because they think it will go away with time. Another truth is that ED problems aren’t limited to the older set.

According to a survey in the Times of India,

  • Young men are the ones who can’t perform sexually well.
  • 25% of men affected by this disease are actually under the age of 25 although it was just 5% a decade ago.
  • Of every ten Indian men who had taken the survey, one reported having erectile dysfunction.
  • Medical practitioners say this number may be higher and will possibly continue to rise.

High Blood Pressure and Low Blood Flow Connection to Man Organ

Also, high blood pressure causes erectile dysfunction. This is because high BP prevents dilation of the arteries which are responsible for blood flowing through the penis. This induces a restricted blood flow into the corpora cavernosa, the main tissue in the penis, and thus one may face trouble getting and maintaining a proper erection. High BP is also the cause of low testosterone, the primary male hormone that plays a major role in how much a man has a sex drive.

ED also happens due to the medications used for high BP. Among other such medications are water tablets. Since the drugs function by reducing the dynamic blood flow, they may end up depriving the penis of adequate blood when it requires it most.

Which Doctor and Why to Visit for ED Problems ?

You should start by seeing a general practitioner when you find that it becomes difficult for you to climb up to the occasion many times. Therefore you have to find a doctor.

  • ED is easy to treat
  • ED can show up as a symptom of some underlying causes
  • If you have a heart condition, your doctor does not recommend general pharmaceutical products for ED patients such as Cenforce, Vidalista

This physician may be the doctor in the neighborhood or the doctor in a nearby clinic. They will analyze your medical history to assess the issue and verify your sexual health. Often at this stage, they’ll solve the problem.

If you suffer from ED and have a heart condition, however, first consult with your cardiologist. Your doctor may refer you to a urologist, who may order samples of blood and urine for further examination.

If you have diabetes, you will need to consult with your endocrinologist, too. Often, depending on what kind of problems you face, you may need to consult a counselor or fitness specialist.

If you have BP issues, how do you reverse the effects of ED ?

If you have had a history of heart attacks, caution might be recommended as drugs such as Viagra may cause a sudden drop in blood pressure, leading to an emergency. Instead, the doctor can ask you to revamp your lifestyle.

Changing your lifestyle to regulate your blood pressure can work wonders if pills aren’t an option. Your body is reacting to the behaviors you hold dear, according to physicians. If you take too much alcohol, for example, the chances of suffering from ED would be higher compared to men who don’t engage in such behavior. The same applies to drugs and cigarettes. So here are some modifications you may want to suggest.

  • Stop alcohol use or restrict consumption.
  • Stop smoking
  • Find a fitness routine you can stick to
  • Eat balanced diets
  • Let the extra pounds loose
  • Avoid exhausting yourself at work and start meditating
  • Sleeps 7-8 hours a day or more

You would be able to achieve greater control of your BP by encouraging good health and creating a leaner body. That may help to make things more fun in the bedroom. Your doctor can also recommend some drugs that can help with the care as a whole. The crucial thing to be mindful of is that ED is treatable. The earlier you grasp the procedure, the closer you get to the target.

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