Careprost ® – A Best Solution For Grow Eyelashes

Careprost ® – A Best Solution For Grow Eyelashes


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Careprost ® is medication which is used widely for the growth of eyelashes. It is an eye care product manufactured by Sun Pharmaceuticals.

Sun Pharmaceuticals is a famous U.S. brand for Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution. The careprost which is the most recommended product for eye care related disorders such as glaucoma, ocular hypertension, and hypotrichosis. It is easily found from any Rx Pharmacies.

Medical Uses of Careprost ®


Glaucoma is a number of eye disorders which includes optic disc cupping and visual field loss.

This is estimated that millions of people are affected by glaucoma and which is one of the leading cause of blindness across the world.

Which is now time, a serious disorder that requires immediate treatment.

This is associated with optic nerve damage and this disease is left untreated, this can result in progressive retinal ganglion cell loss and irreversible blindness.

Here, Careprost is considered to be a potent medication to treat glaucoma disease and It has a large number of doctors recommend this medicine. It works by decreasing the pressure in the eyeball by increasing the expulsion of aqueous humor.

Ocular Hypertension

Ocular hypertension is a disorder of the eye, which rise when the intraocular pressure (IOP) become higher than normal in the eye.

Which mostly occurs in the absence of glaucoma damage. However, ocular hypertension is not glaucoma, This increases the risk of developing glaucoma.

The intraocular pressure is the whole depends on the production and drainage of the aqueous humor (watery fluid).

Usually, there is a balance maintained between the production and drainage of aqueous humor. But in patients having ocular damage, the drainage is restricted and the pressure increases in the eyes.

Therefore, Careprost works here effectively in treating ocular hypertension and This is work by decreasing the intra-ocular pressure or pressure inside the eye. So that why Careprost helps to maintain the balance between the production and drainage of aqueous humor.


Hypotrichosis means when the individual doesn’t have enough hair on eyelashes.

Careprost is an effective solution to this type of problem. While careprost majorly used to make the eyelashes longer, thicker and darker. If careprost you will use as per recommended, it can result in an increase in the length of eyelashes, an increase in the thickness and fullness as well as an increase in the darkness of the eyelashes by the time.

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