Can Meat Increase Your Risk of Erectile Dysfunction

Can Meat Increase Your Risk of Erectile Dysfunction ?

Multiple institutions have performed consistent research that has demonstrated the link between high-fat diets and preventable diseases such as hypertension, atherosclerosis, and various types of heart disease.

This recent research has revealed many negative side effects that meat-eating can cause in men.

One of the most surprising findings was the effect regular meat consumption had on the libido of men and on their sexual function.

In feudal times, patriarchy, power, and prestige were associated with men who ate meat, a luxury item. The meat was frequently diverted from civilian women into male soldiers during World War I. Interestingly, researchers have noted that the arbiters of cultural practices, typically men, appear to selectively preserve self-benefiting practices — thus, men that perpetuate the concept of meat as male in order to monopolize the supply.

Meat and Blood Flow

While eating meat has been a common practice throughout human history, research suggests that, for that matter, it might not be the best alternative to muscle gain or even preserve good health.

It has also been shown that daily meat intake throws off the bacterial health in your stomach, produces a less healthy probiotic environment, and slows down the digestion and distribution of nutrients to the tissues.

Other than, plant-based diets can also improve safe blood flow in the body, making for faster and safer nutrients and muscle development compared to a diet that gets a majority of protein from red meat.

The Advantage of a Plant-Based Diet

Erectile dysfunction in a majority of cases is caused by a lack of blood flow to the penis, typically due to a combination of psychological and physical health factors.

With increased endothelial health and hence increased blood flow, you are enhancing the ability of your body to transport and maintain blood flow to the areas where it is needed.

As a result, plant-based diets for firmer and longer-lasting erections are linked to improved sexual activity due to smoother and faster blood flow through the penis. The Penegra tablets work by increasing blood flow to the penis. This helps men to get or maintain an erection.

What’s more, diets based on plants can increase your testosterone levels by up to 20%.

For men over 40 who experience sexual dysfunction and eat red meat regularly, you might be shooting yourself in the foot. By reducing your meat consumption and increasing the amount of plant-based food you consume, you can help counter the effects of aging on your sexual health of course.

If following a plant-based diet isn’t enough, our healthcare professionals will help you get the treatment options you need to make you feel your best!

You have to think about your heart while talking about erections. Better cardiac health should increase your chamber efficiency. High in animal fats, meat-heavy diets are responsible for arterial damage which causes heart disease and ED.

Try to turn your red meat to grass-fed red meat as it contains healthy fats: heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids as well as conjugated linoleic acid, a form of fat which has been shown to minimize heart disease and cancer risk.

Try to supplement the intake of protein through chicken, turkey, and fish too.

Fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids good for your health. But avoid big marine fish such as tuna, cod, haddock, all of which have higher contamination rates as they are higher up in the food chain.

Smaller oily fish such as sardines, mackerel, and trout are more polluted by omega-three and less by mercury.

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