8 Popular Ways For ED Treatment

8 Popular Ways For ED Treatment

Since the little blue pill made it all right to think about, the number of men dealing with erectile dysfunction has increased. Fortunately, the number of treatment options has also increased. So, who’s worth a shot, and who’s all hype?

The number of men diagnosed with erectile dysfunction (ED) has risen by a whopping 250% in the 14 years or so since Viagra was introduced in 1998. People are becoming more and more conscious of not being alone and having choices.

Of example, apart from drugs such as Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis, there are medical, medicinal, and even do-it-yourself therapies that can restore the feeling of love. “More than ever, some older ED treatments are used, especially for men who are unable to take the pill.

Read on to find out about eight different ED remedies, plus the truth about who’s up to the hype and who’s down flat.


To people who are unable or unable to self-inject alprostadil, the FDA has approved the penis opening of this dissolvable pellet that can be injected directly into the urethra. MUSE, with an inspirational name that actually stands to erection medicated urethral system, can cause an erection in about 10 minutes that can last as long as an hour. However, using MUSE to treat ED can lead to somewhat unpleasant side effects — including a severe feeling, burning, redness, and minor bleeding.

Surgical Implants

If you have a neurological disorder or injury to the spinal cord and other treatments for erectile dysfunction are not successful, two types of surgical implants may offer solutions to your ED.

An implantable pump can be used to manually produce an erection by injecting fluid into tubes inside the penis,” “The other alternative is a malleable prosthesis that acts like a goose neck lamp to guide the penis into place for intercourse. Risks for these ED treatments include infection and mechanical breakdown.

Penile Injections

Alprostadil is an erectile dysfunction drug approved by the FDA that can be inserted into the penis directly to cause an involuntary erection.

“Penile injection is the most common form of ED treatment for people who are unable to take oral care,” It currently has a success rate of 85%. Possible side effects include a sense of burning and priapism, an erection that lasts for four hours and requires medical treatment.

Vacuum Pump

Can’t take ED medications or don’t want to ? The method of vacuum pumping is the next most common choice for erectile dysfunction men who pass on drugs, You place a plastic tube over the penis to produce an erection and pump the air out of the cylinder to push blood into the penis.

The erection is protected by an elastic band which you slip to the base of your penis. The erection is protected by an elastic circle in which you slip to the base of your penis.

For about 75 percent of men, this ED treatment system is effective. Side effects include numbness, swelling, and slow ejaculation — and after 30 minutes the ring has to be removed.

Sex Therapy

Drugs that generate blood flow to the penis can not aid when an erection is blocked by the fight-or-flight response’s fear or anxiety. This type of erectile dysfunction probably has a lot to do with evolution — men did not need an erection when they were chased by a dinosaur.

“The best way to treat erectile dysfunction induced by performance anxiety, depression, poor relationship, or stress may be through a combination of ED drug treatment and sex therapy, individual therapy, or sexual health professional couple therapy.

Herbal Supplements

Herbal supplements like ginkgo biloba, saw palmetto, and yohimbe were said to be sexual enhancers, and some people were tempted to try to treat erectile dysfunction.

Nonetheless, Bennett warns that none of these findings have been approved by the FDA or even shown to prevent, cure or enhance erectile dysfunction through reputable tests. Furthermore, additives are uncontrolled and can have several side effects.

The Future of ED Treatment

The next potential erectile dysfunction therapies are likely to be improvements already being used in some ED medications. “There’s coming a dis-solvable type of Levitra, cialis, avanafil that you’re putting under your tongue that can work faster than the pills we have now,” Instead of inserting or injecting it, a new form of alprostadil may allow you to rub it directly on the penis.

And new inhibitors of phosphodiesterase are being produced that last much longer and cause fewer side effects. Stay tuned! Also, Use Avaforce 100 tablets to cure ED.

Shock Wave Therapy

The theory of using low-energy shock waves to treat erectile dysfunction stems from studies showing that these forms of shocks help repair heart blood vessels, a process called revascularization. Shock wave therapy may also operate on the penis, and some promising results have been obtained, but at the moment it is not an approved ED treatment.

It is similar to the type of shock waves used to break up kidney stones and can induce revascularization,” “but there are no successful controlled studies yet to recommend it to patients.

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